The Best Reason to Go to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart Show: Opening Band Weekend

Brian Vu
Weekend plays the Vera Project on Friday.
I used to think there would have to be an army of snowmen guarding the gates of hell before I would ever have considered darkening the doors of any show involving this silly band. POBPAH write songs that are to pop music what the Frappucino is to coffee. Some people like drinking coffee cut with six cups of sugar, hazelnut mocha almond swirl syrup and topped with whipped cream. There's nothing wrong with preferring your coffee that way, but personally, I've never been able to stomach that saccharine shit.

And then I listened to this record by a band called Weekend (not The Weekend Band, not Vampire Weekend, just Weekend). It took three songs for me to decide that I had to brave the POBPAH show in order to witness the freaky atmospheric fuzz of the Bay Area three-piece for myself. The band's upcoming Slumberland debut Sports is out November 9, and until that date it will be streaming in its entirety on NPR. While the music gets kooky enough sometimes to scare off those who subsist on a musical diet of bubblegum and pop -- halfway through, album opener "Coma Summer" descends into an abyss of white noise before returning to its original melody -- on a whole the band's music is melodic and (more importantly) original enough to warrant a $12 ticket purchase on its own.

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