Redhead Takes on Villain in Epic Chess Battle to the Tune of Sleigh Bells' "Riot Rhythm"

Sleigh Bells "Riot Rhythm" from Bo Mirosseni on Vimeo.

The director Bo Mirosseni has created his own visual interpretation of Sleigh Bells' stuttering "Riot Rhythm" (although the video is unofficial, Sleigh Bells tweeted that it's still "pretty badass"). In the clip, a skinny redheaded child is coached and inspired, Karate Kid-style, by a bearded redheaded man and his creepy ruby-eyed pigeon for an upcoming chess tournament that pits him against an eyepatched villain and his two evil cheerleader sidekicks. In the end, the redhead channels the pigeon's spirit to literally smoke his nemesis. It's not quite as badass as the band's "Infinity Guitars" video, but still pretty cinematic. Check it out.

Sleigh Bells will be at the WaMu Theater on Wednesday, December 8, as part of 107.7 the End's Deck the Hall Ball.

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