Reason #248 You Should Love Witch Gardens

Witch Gardens at the Vera Project on Saturday night.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about my newfound enthusiasm for the local quartet Witch Gardens. On Saturday night I saw them live for the first time, opening for Marnie Stern at the Vera Project. Their sweet little tunes are unlike anything else I'm hearing right now, with chanty vocals, lightly strummed guitars and electric autoharp, and an irresistibly bouncy energy.

Here's another reason they rock -- right before the show, three-quarters of the band was almost killed in a car accident when some idiot ran a red light and plowed into bassist/keyboardist Beth Corry's car. The car -- which contained Corry, guitarist Casey Catherwood, and drummer Sara Beabout -- was totaled, but the three valiant musicians went straight to the Vera and went through with their set without a single hitch. (They did dedicate their song "I Wanna Get Sick" to the lady who hit them).

That is bad-ass.

Immediately after the set, Corry was driven to the emergency room and discovered the accident had cracked a few of her ribs. She showed no evidence of pain while singing, playing bass, or cracking jokes with her bandmates on stage. Earlier that day, I stubbed my toe on my coffee table, cried, and refused to get off the couch for half an hour.

Seriously, this band is hardcore.

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