President Chris Ballew: Dropping a Record On Election Day Is Totally a Coincidence. Suuuuure

Chris Kornelis
Ballew, left, with the Presidents at the Gorge.
Chris Ballew, the lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America, and the man behind the kid-friendly project Caspar Babypants is putting out a new record today, This Is Fun! Now, Chris is a President, and he's releasing a new record on ELECTION DAY. I smell a slight bit of a market ploy. Ballew feigns coincidence.

"The election day release thing is an accident! Sorry!" he told me in an email this morning. "I prefer not to mix the fantastical awesomeness of something like songs with the practical grind of politics." This coming from the man who played an event with Patty Murray last night.

This is not the first time Ballew's put out a new record on election day.

On Nov. 5, 1996, when voters took to the polls to give Bill Clinton another four years in office, The Presidents released their sophomore album, The Presidents of the United States of America II. "That previous release may have been calculated by the record company," Ballew says.

Maybe. Possibly. Regardless of your political persuasion, if you've got a kid on the hip, Ballew's Caspar Babypants writes the soundtrack to happy car rides. Just ask Cupcake Royale's Jody Hall.

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