Shot by the phenomenal Zia Mohajerjasbi , responsible for all of those other Blue Scholars videos you love plus Jake One's "Home" and Mackelmore's "The


New Visuals from Blue Scholars, Ripynt, and Avatar Young Blaze Continue Seattle's Trend of Prime Hip-Hop Cinematography

Shot by the phenomenal Zia Mohajerjasbi, responsible for all of those other Blue Scholars videos you love plus Jake One's "Home" and Mackelmore's "The Town," "Coffee and Snow 2" is not only another high mark for the Seattle duo but another perfect embodiment of the everyman rap that they've perfected. From sitting on the john reading cinema books to playing Starcraft 2, scarfing down arroz caldo to slipping on the sidewalk, Geo and Sabzi continue to tell your story better than you can. The emcee shed some light on the three-day backstory to the sequel to 2008's "Coffee and Snow" via the Blue Scholars Website, including the unscripted shoot, accidental leakage of a preview clip to "crafty tumblrfolk" and the seeming ease with which the cross-country collaboration went down. You can scoop the track and instrumental for $1 on their BandCamp page. And with all the recent freebies they've let fly, a buck is only fair--especially if they're using it to buy dinner for Zia in payment.

Hit the jump for the hilarity of Ripynt's cameo-rich "To The Top" from Griff J and Av's Jon Augustavo-shot video for "Wishing On A Dream" featuring Isabella Du Graf. And keep your eyes out for the forthcoming visuals for Mackelmore's "Irish Celebration" that were shot over the past week.

It's one thing to make a well-shot music video, but entirely another to tell a story in the process--props to Griff J. for doing the latter with Ripynt's "To The Top," off his recent release RIP: Re-Inventing Poetics. The song and its hard-hitting lyrics are serious, but if anything this flick reminds you never to take yourself too seriously. And appearances from Grynch, Fatal Lucciauno and Spaceman only add to the townbidness vibe--especially the comedy of Wizdom's interruption.

What is there to say about Jon Augustavo that I haven't already said? If the dude would stop improving, the answer would probably be nothing. But that's far from the case, and as usual he expertly matched mood and visual on the smooth "Wishing On A Dream" from Seattle-to-LA transplant Avatar Young Blaze's most recent mixtape Russian Revolution. The black-and-white affair, complete with Porsche Panamera and sultry hook from Isabella Du Graf, has a gilded feel that's a far cry from the gas mask bongs of "Never Let Me Down/Dear Blogger"--but equally fitting to the personas and artistry of all involved.

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