My Latest Jive Time Haul: Used-Like-New Joanna Newsom and Neon Indian

Generally when I shop for vinyl, I'm looking out for classic rock and soul -- stuff that came out in the 50s, 60s, or 70s. Every now and then a new album will come out that I want to have on vinyl and am willing to shell out $20 or so for a new LP, but you don't really find used copies of contemporary indie rock like Beach House or Grizzly Bear lying around, no matter what store you go to. (Ebay perhaps excluded).

That's why I was excited today when I was digging around the new arrivals at the ever-reliable Jive Time Records in Fremont and found not one but two used, recent, and stellar LPs -- Joanna Newsom's debut album, The Milk-Eyed Mender, from 2004, and Neon Indian's Psychic Chasms, which is only a year old. I'm not sure who wanted to give these up, but they're both incredible albums and, as with all Jive Time stock, they were both in mint condition and were $8 each. Very, very sweet deal. That Jive Time is just a treasure trove. And history be damned, John Roderick, as long as stores like it are around, I'll keep spending my money there.

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