Listen to Black Whales' Bluesy New Track "Rattle Your Bones" Before Seeing Them at the Columbia City Theatre Tonight!

Don't forget to email me by noon today to win tickets to tonight's Black Whales show at Columbia City Theater!

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight's show is a release party for Black Whales' brand-new 7" for their new song, "Rattle Your Bones," which is being released on Portland's vinyl-only New Canada Records. Last month Paige showed us a video of the local quintet performing the song while floating on a sailboat in the San Juans, and now "Rattle Your Bones" is KEXP's Song of the Day -- head over to their website to download the track for free. "Rattle Your Bones" sounds bluesier than the stuff heard on Black Whales' Mt. Fuji debut, Origins, and features a sweet harmonica solo. I highly recommend you download this track -- a great way to kick off your weekend.

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