Kim Warnick's Mix Tapes and My Education On the Bridge Between Zeppelin and the Ramones

Alice Cooper Band
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I met Kim "Fastback" Warnick back in 1978 or so, when I was about 14, I guess. My musical tastes had before-then been informed by stuff I heard through my older brothers and sisters at home, or what I had picked up on my own through the punk rock underground.

Kim became my musical mentor of sorts from our very first day of being friends. Somehow, I had ended up in her car on a wheel-screeching ride home from some gig or rehearsal or whatever. What was always great about Kim's car back in those days were the countless mix tapes that you found yourself knee-deep in.

She seemed to sense in my musical-question peppering that I was missing a link somewhere between Led Zeppelin and The Ramones. My question was: How the hell did it go from one extreme to another with no seemingly inter-connecting genre? Ah, this is when Kim knowingly turned me onto The Sweet, Slade, Alice Cooper, T. Rex, Roxy Music and countless others. Glam Rock WAS the great link between. So here's to you, 1972.

Alice Cooper, "Elected": I'm not sure if many lumped the Alice Cooper Band into the fray with the likes of T. Rex and other British glam-rock makes no difference, really. "Elected" kicks major ass.

T. Rex, "20th Century Boy": Marc Bolan was one of those touched and gifted artists that was beyond any label that you stamped on them (such as glam). I think a prerequisite for glam songs after this one was released was to put a "boy" somewhere in the song (Bowie did it all the time, and so did The Sweet, etc).

Slade, "Gudbuy T'Jane": Slade apparently were an absolute phenomenon in the U.K. and Europe (17 consecutive #1 singles!), while never really making any sort of dent in the U.S. I had, of course, at least HEARD of T.Rex, Sweet, and Alice Cooper, but Slade really seemed exotic when Kim first played the record Slayed? for me. They were a music purist's true gold at the end of a long search for something different and non-mainstream.

Ah, what the hell did I know? I was only 14!

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