Hey, John Roderick's Gonna Be Our Guest ... Oh, Wait

Jenny Jimenez
Reverb's Guest Editor
Well, John just beat me to the punch, but I'm not going to delete this post, so ....

I was really hoping to not be at work today. My wife's due with our first on Oct. 31 and, well, I guess we're not having a Halloween baby. Hopefully I'll be too busy to vote tomorrow. At any rate, I'm going to be checking out here in the next couple hours/days and will be off the blog for a couple weeks. While I'm out cooing, our friend John Roderick is going to hold things down as Reverb's Guest Editor.

Y'all know John from his "work" with Seattle's The Long Winters and his columns here on Reverb. He's going to be writing about all sorts of things, apparently. But if there's something in particular you want him to address, I suggest you hassle him on Twitter @JohnRoderick.

Subjects I strongly encourage y'all to avoid include the following:

-- The merits of a single versus a double space after periods.

-- Why some bands are The (Insert Band Name Here) while others are the (insert band name here).

-- His wager with Axl Rose over who can go longer without making a new album while avoiding the casino circuit.

I think pretty much everything else is fair game. Have fun y'all.

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