Jeff Bridges, Please Make My Dreams Come True and Tour in Support of Your New Album

I love Jeff Bridges. Chances are, you do too. There's nothing to not love about him. He's not just an actor, he's an icon representing an attitude and a way of life, as exhibited in his most famous role as The Dude (which we in Seattle celebrate annually at the uber-popular Lebowski Fest). When he won an Academy Award this year for his role as Bad Blake in the crazy good Crazy Heart, I cried. Actually I jumped off the couch and yelled something like, "stoner nation rejoice!" and then cried.

And speaking of Crazy Heart, Bridges is now set to emulate his own character of Bad Blake by recording an album of songs penned by Ryan Bingham, who wrote the Crazy Heart songs, and produced by T-Bone Burnett, who produced the Crazy Heart soundtrack. Can someone say amazing idea? Bingham and Burnett are already an award-winning pair (their song, "The Weary Kind," won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Original Song).

And maybe I'm taking this a step too far, but what if Jeff Bridges goes on to tour after this record comes out? Bad Blake would surely play somewhere like the Tractor or the Sunset... Texan country singer James McMurtry, whom Mike Seely recently compared to Bad Blake, prefers playing the Tractor. I think Jeff Bridges at the Tractor would be my ultimate concert experience. Unlikely, given his movie star caliber, but a girl can hope.

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