It's That Time Of Year Again: What's the Best Album to Come Out of Seattle in 2010?

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Damien Jurado's Saint Bartlett was in high rotation in at least one office cubicle this year.
And it has been a very ripe year, if I do say so myself. We'll be running our own list next month in our annual year-end music issue. But we want to hear what y'all think, first.

When we say "album to come out of Seattle" we're not just taking about Seattle-based band, but bands who put out albums through Seattle institutions like Sub Pop, Barsuk, etc., as well. It's a pretty broad net, I know. So what's your favorite -- or three?

Were you a sucker for Avi Buffalo? Got it bad for Pearly Gate Music? What about Damien Jurado's triumphant Saint Bartlett? The Physics BBQ-scented Three Piece EP?

Let us know what should be considered -- and what should NOT.

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