Is Wolf Parade Donezo?

Montreal's Wolf Parade just spent the year touring in support of their third record, Expo 86 -- and if their July appearance at the Showbox was any indication, it was a killer ride. But after wrapping up the tour on November 26 in Toronto, is the beloved quartet calling it quits?

The answer is yes -- for now.

At the Toronto show, Spencer Krug reportedly told the audience, "This is the last show we'll play for a long time," and on Saturday, a Wolf Parade fansite confirmed that, in Dan Boeckner's words, the band is going on "indefinite hiatus."

Arlen Thompson later told Spinner, "We've been going at it pretty hard for the last year, so it's time to take a rest." And Pitchfork says that the band's label, Sub Pop, is confirming the news as well.

Fans should rest easy -- it's nothing dramatic. Thompson also told Spinner that he and Boeckner will be focusing on their side project, the Handsome Furs, with a new record and tour forthcoming, and Krug's got his own side project, Frog Eyes, to focus on. And Boeckner even says that Wolf Parade is booked for a few shows in 2011. A serious breakup, this is not.

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