Head and the Heart Add SXSW to Their Resume; The Cinderella Season Continues

South By Southwest announced their initial list of artists today, and those invited to play the most important music festival/conference in the world include Seattle's Head and the Heart and Telekinesis.

For Head and the Heart this is just the latest in a list of milestones - from well-deserved praise, a pair of opening slots for Vampire Weekend, and alleged courting from labels and managers big and small - that have followed the release of their self-titled release in June.

Playing SXSW is an honor, but not an exclusive one. Seemingly every band, rep, and journalist in the country will be in Austin in March, but it's no guarantee of mass exposure or any indication that a band's about to make it 'cause they played SXSW. BUT, like I said, everyone will be there and have a chance to catch the band. It's the kind of place where lightning can strike. It's also the kind of place where a band can find themselves playing to a dozen people.

Either way, it looks great on a resume.

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