Four Interesting Facts About Carrie Brownstein, Gleaned From A New Profile on the Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag Guitiarist


Carrie Brownstein, the guitarist for permanently-on-hiatus girl rock pioneers Sleater-Kinney, isn't one to watch her words in interviews. (She famously revealed, in a Spin magazine article 15 years ago, that she dated then-bandmate Corin Tucker.) This week, Brownstein is talking about her career and creativity in a cover story for Willamette Week, an alternative newsweekly in Portland--the city were Brownstein, a Redmond native, now lives. In the interview, she mostly talks about Portlandia, the Portland-mocking web series she is creating with SNL alum Fred Armisen, but Brownstein also drops some tidbits about herself and her opinions on what makes Portland different from Seattle. Here's four interesting facts:

1. Brownstein bought her first guitar in Redmond when she was 15. The guitar was "a cherry red Epiphone copy of a Fender Stratocaster" that she purchased with $170 "earned from babysitting and working concessions at a multiplex."

2. She appears to hate--even downright loathe--Starbucks. According the story, "For six months, [Brownstein] worked at Portland advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy, where she brainstormed for a Starbucks rebranding campaign. 'What I wrote in [my] notebook--which basically tried to compare Starbucks to a 1920s Parisian salon or the Bloomsbury Group in London--is so disgusting, so full of bullshit, and so humbling that I hold onto it as a reminder to be grateful that I'm able to eke out a living doing what I love,' she says now. 'If I ever slit my wrists, you'll find that notebook next to the body.' "

3. She thinks Portland (gasp) might be "more special" than Seattle. She tells Willamette Week: "I grew up in Washington, and Portland is a far more self-conscious city than Seattle. It's a subtle difference. I think of it like a golden retriever and a yellow Lab. Yellow Lab owners never tell you--but a golden retriever, that's just a little more special. Portland is the golden retriever to Seattle's yellow Labrador." (Personally, I prefer Yellow Labs.)

4. She's not dropping any details about a Sleater-Kinney reunion or a definite Wild Flag album release date. Well, this isn't too surprising, since no one in Sleater-Kinney has been specific about if and when the band will ever perform or record together again. And we already know all there is know about Wild Fang, Brownstein's project with Sleater-Kinney's Janet Weiss: the band plays the High Dive Nov. 12 and plans to release an album next year.

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