Forks Is Fine With Vampires, But Not the Sex Pistols

These guys would beat the shit out of any bloodsucker or wolf.
As has been well-documented by now, the timber town of Forks has had no problems cashing in on the Twilight phenomenon. If a kid were to show up for class dressed in a cape and fangs with elk blood dripping out of his mouth, he'd probably be paraded around the Forks High campus on a chariot.

But what would happen if that same kid were to wear a Sex Pistols shirt? He'd get suspended, no less.

Writes Curtis Cartier: "It all started on Monday when one student wore her Sex Pistols shirt and was told to change. She then gave the shirt to her friend, senior Devin Chastain, who wore it with pride and refused to take it off. Chastain, the former student body president, was promptly suspended. The next day, the students handed out Sex Pistols shirts to all that would wear them as a way of protesting what they felt was, at best, a lack of respect for a pioneering English punk band, or, at worst, a gross violation for their first amendment rights. It's not clear how many students were suspended. The school says around a dozen. The students say it was more like 25."

Seems like anarchy is not only alive and well in the U.K., but on the Olympic Peninsula as well.

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