Coco Robicheaux's Playing Seattle, But He Bleeds N'Awlins

Coco, pictured when he was a bit younger and leaner--but he ain't never been meaner.
Coco Robicheaux is playing Town Hall (1119 Eight Ave) tonight as part of an artistic exchange program called bilocal. That might not mean a ton to many people, but Robicheaux is as much a New Orleans legend as Dr. John and the Neville Brothers.

I was exposed to Robicheaux by coincidence while honeymooning in New Orleans in October 2009. My wife and I sidled up to a bar in the Marigny called Mimi's. Mimi's is in a very old building, but serves newfangled food, like tapas. They also serve Herradura tequila, seemingly kept on hand exclusively for the consumption of a regular named Coco Robicheaux, who sipped and sipped 'til the bottle was half-gone (I helped).

We sat and listened to Robicheaux's tales of playing with not only New Orleans greats, but also Bay Area giants like Janis Joplin and Santana back what he was a stripling. He wears at least one ring on every finger, most depicting some sort of snake. When it came time to head elsewhere, he suggested we hop into his buddy Tony's truck and venture down the levee to a Bywater dive called Vaughan's, where Kermit Ruffins--since introduced to the rest of planet earth by Treme and Real World: New Orleans--played his weekly show.

My wife and I rode in the back of Tony's pickup with Coco's bicycle, while Coco rode shotgun. Tony entered Vaughan's with us while Coco split for a neighboring bar and said he'd see us soon, but the promise proved hollow. Turns out soon didn't mean that night, but it'll mean tonight. Somehow I knew our paths would cross again. See y'all there. Meantime, here's a taste of Coco:

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