Check Out the Latest from Gynch, Sol, Fatal and Thig Nat on DJ Nphared's Red October EP

As a sucker for sample-based hip-hop, DJ Nphared's four-track Red October EP kept my head bobbing. I'll admit, I came in to the project as a skeptic; the initial leak, "Air Max 'Em" featuring Grynch, isn't my favorite cut--though my impression that it falls a little flat might simply be because I don't have a proper appreciation for the footwear in question (and for that, sneakerheads, I do apologize). But between the chorusless Sol lead-in (seriously, two minutes without letting up!) and the fiery verses from The Good Sin, Fatal Lucciauno and Dice on the self-descriptive Dr. Dre tribute "Lyrical Gangbang 2010," the level of emceeing on this project is as exciting as the sample loops. The high point hits at the last track, "Two Things," and its chorus "If I could only have two things in this Earth / Music and pussy would work." Sol, Grynch and Thig Nat take a verse plus their own rendition of the chorus, an interesting tweak on the usual format that makes the track seem even more honest. And as the beat rides out, I find myself flipping the EP on repeat.

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