What Would Be the Most Appropriate Song for Soundgarden to Play on Conan's Second Night?

Soundgarden doesn't have time to play another Seattle date just yet, but they've managed to squeeze in a slot on Conan O'Brien's new TBS show, Conan, on its second night, Nov. 9. They'll be appearing with Tom Hanks, who will hopefully put his tour of duty as an Aerosmith roadie to good use.

Alright, but what song should they play? They could do "Black Rain," but I think humping a new single would be too predictable. My money says that Soundgarden's going to take the opportunity to put its best foot forward and try to appeal to the kids who watch the show but to whom the band is Superunknown (sorry). But, seriously, they're playing on the Superstation, they should play ... SUPERUNKNOWN!!!

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