Today in Unexpected Musical Collaborations: The Smuin Ballet Creates An Inverted World and Band of Horses Covers Cee-Lo With A Marching Band

Here's a duo of weird news items to start off your weekend. First, San Francisco's Smuin Ballet is mounting a production set entirely to the Shins' Oh, Inverted World. Why is this weird? Well, the album is about nine years old, so using it as a soundtrack feels a little dated (not to mention Garden State already beat them to it.) Plus, the ballet is pretty non-traditional in its choreography; based on the trailer, it looks Trey McIntyre is pushing more toward lyrical dance, which has a tendency to be, you know, odd.

Second, Band of Horses recorded a cover of Cee-Lo's Georgia with the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band. Why is this weird? Well, it was weird enough in July, when Cee-Lo covered BOH's "No One's Gonna Love You" in a beat-heavy re-imagining of the song. And while I get the whole southern pride thing (Bridwell's family is from Georgia), I'm having a hard time picturing BOH performing with a marching band: I just don't see southern rock and band geeks meshing together. You can buy the track for a dollar over BOH's website and listen for yourself.

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