My REVERB, Vol. II: Kinski's Drone, Feral Children's Stoicism, Dancing With Roy Kay, and One Special Moment With Sol

Renee McMahon
Sol played the New York Fashion Academy as part of Seattle Weekly's REVERB Local Music Festival on Saturday, October 9.
Thanks to everyone who made REVERB 2010 another great night of local music and camaraderie. I'm biased, of course, but I've come to look forward to this night on a personal and professional level. And I'm humbled to see so many other folks -- from fans to bands -- making it a regular part of their fall. Thanks for bringing such a great vibe, y'all.

Few more notes on sets:

Feral Children, The Sunset: You could argue that Feral Children's on-stage antics are disingenuous, that lead singer Jeff Keenan topples over his drums, and flails into the audience on a consistent basis for the sport of it. But the rabid look in eye tells me otherwise. While he's assaulting his instruments and chanting furiously, his bandmates are trampling along in focused lockstep. They're a crazy mashup of instability and stoicism.

Renee McMahon
Kinsk, The Sunset: I only got to stick around to listen to the first song, but the intense drone approached like a freight train cruising down a 100-mile hill: At first it's faint, then it's ominous, and then it's too late.

Sol, The Street: OK, I didn't get to see Sol's performance at the New York Fashion Academy, but I caught an unscheduled set of his when he and I both realized that the latch on the porta potty was out of commission. Sorry, dude, I'll knock next time. No, I didn't see anything. And if it makes you feel any better, somebody walked in on me two minutes later. I know, shoulda learned.

Renee McMahon
Roy Kay Combo
Roy Kay Combo, Conor Byrne: Oh, shit! People dancing in Seattle!!! If you're gonna do it, it may as well be to the gentle twang and slap of the Roy Kay Combo, who brought nothing but grins to rockabilly fans and recent converts at Conor Byrne.

Renee McMahon
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