My REVERB Vol. I: My Goodness, Caspar Babypants, and Pitching Jager to Toddlers

Caspar Babypants was one of more than 60 bands to play Seattle Weekly's REVERB Local Music Festival on Saturday, October 9 in Ballard.
Two songs before My Goodness wrapped up their sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder set at the 2 Bit, SW contributor Hannah Levin said to me, "They could be touring with the Black Keys!" Indeed. Their punky, syrupy blues -- accomplished by a fuzzy drummer and a comparatively clean-cut guitarist/vocalist (pretty much the inverse of The Black Keys' rooming aesthetics) -- would sit well with fans of the Akron, Ohio duo. But as I stood there watching, I wasn't wanting. I was glad it was My Goodness burning down the stage, not The Black Keys. And I love me some Black Keys.

The first act I introduced was Caspar Babypants (aka Chris Ballew), who brought his kid-friendly show at the Salmon Bay Eagles. I asked the crowd of youngsters and their parents how many of them were about to witness their first concert. Plenty of young, pudgy arms went up. As I was walking over to the venue, I remembered that Ballew's blockbuster band, The Presidents of the United States of America, was on the bill at my first rock show. Ballew gets plenty of props for his ability to pen quirky pop songs, but his vocals are shamefully overlooked. His pipes are still as crystal clear -- if not improved -- as the day he recorded "Peaches."

I must admit that running through the list of sponsors -- Genesee Beer, Jagermeister, Three Olives Vodka -- before the set was a bit awkward. That is, until one of the parents remarked that one of the above-mentioned beverages was perfect for nap time.

Speaking of which ... I'll post more about the fest tomorrow. Anyone else have any early thoughts on REVERB 2010?

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