Looks Like Fleet Foxes' Sophomore Album "Still Has a Ways to Go"

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Laura Musselman
Robin Pecknold may have jumped the gun when he announced last month that Fleet Foxes finally finished recording their much-anticipated sophomore album. In a Facebook update this morning, Pecknold announced the album still has "a ways to go":

Hey, so, I guess I spoke too soon before. The record, while close to being done, still has a ways to go. Would have been nice to have realized this BEFORE flying to New York to finish it, but so it goes. This is how the first record went too - I think two songs were kept from the first batch of 12 we recorded for that album. Back into the cave. Thanks for waiting / caring, we just want it to be really great.

He's vague on details, but it sounds like a good number of the previously-recorded songs will be scrapped. I hope "Helplessness Blues"--one of the songs Pecknold debuted at his Moore Theatre performance his summer--makes the cut.

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