Kinski Update: Dancing, Arting, and Even Writing a Few Songs

With Kinski scheduled to take the stage at SW's REVERB Festival (tickets are cheeeeeeaaaaaap right now) on Oct. 9, I thought it'd be a good idea to tour base with the noise-making leader, Chris Martin, to see what the band has on its plate. It's a bit, well, full. Let's break it down.

-- There will be a "song" record: "We just finished writing our next proper rock "song" record," Martin says. "We'll begin recording in the next few months and it should be out next year."

-- There will be art rock: "We just got out of the studio yesterday from recording a piece that is yet to be named that involves London artist Jim Hobbs. He's doing an installation at Jack Straw and we did the sound track for it. It will come out on vinyl with a DVD of the film that is part of the installation, in December."

-- There will be dancing: "We're also scoring a dance piece called C.L.U.E. for the dance group know as robbinschilds in San Francisco in Feb. We've done this piece in NYC and Portland. The band plays live in a multimedia context."

-- There will be rocking: "For the Reverb fest, I think we're going to do a deep drone and a heavy noise thing, maybe with a song or two thrown in."

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