First Listen: State of the Artist + Champagne Champagne's Brand Spanking New Collaboration, "What You Asked For"

This Saturday at REVERB Fest, I ran into some of my favorite people to run into -- the SOTA boys. Well, two of them at least. TH is in Paris, where he recently ran into a familiar face. Click through the jump to see who.

TH may be on vacation schmoozing with the stars, but on the business side of things, SOTA is gearing up to release the third and final single off their full-length, April's Seattlecalifragilisticextrahelladopeness. "What You Asked For" features Champagne Champagne; it's laconic, mid-tempo and extra-smooth and samples some killer bluesy, vintage 40s-sounding trumpet. Of the track, Parker Reddington says:

"What You Asked For" is an anthem for being an artist and having a lot expected of you. "We sleepwalk and so be it that's the rent we owe.." It is really about what it takes to put out and create what is expected of you as an artist, the toll it takes on your personal life and also how it makes you feel to do that, and be successful at it. To "chisel out my moment in time," as Thomas Gray put it. Pearl raps, "I was a good guy, now I'm a fuckin' supervillain... I'm a psychopath sent back from the future for my redemption 'cause that is what you asked for." It is an incredible closer to the album and was a highlight of our collaborations with the local scene.
This morning you can download "What You Asked For" for free -- exclusively on Reverb.

Click here to do so.

P.S. -- State of the Artist is playing Chop Suey with Mad Rad this Thursday night at 8pm. It's free!

Thad x Kanye.jpg
TH in Paris with his new BFF.
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