Could the Dave Matthews Band's Summer 2011 Break Help Bumbershoot's Attendance?

Since it's all Dave Matthews all the time on Reverb today, let's think about the fact that the DMB is taking next summer off, which means that for the first time in five years, the 60,000+ folks who hit the band's three-night stand at the Gorge will have free time on their hands over Labor Day Weekend. Are they gonna hit Bumbershoot instead? Could the DMB weekend at the Gorge be partly to blame for Bumbershoot's low numbers? I think it's a fair question.

I think it's a pretty strong possibility it could help, especially if Dave Matthews decides to PLAY Bumbershoot. Why not? If he's taking the summer off, he'll probably be home in Wallingford? Why not take a couple hours off to entertain 20,000 folks in Memorial Stadium. And, how about gratis?

I know, I know, rock stars get asked for free shit all the time. But your support of KEXP has shown that you're more than aware of the importance of the local music scene here in Seattle. Bumbershoot -- and what it provides to the community at large -- is a big part of that scene. How about a big ol' charity gig on the mainstage?

I'm just saying.

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