Cassette Tape Nostalgia (on Film)

We get all kinds of strange promotional items in the mail. But this one pictured above? Who was Judy Bridgewater, and when did she release her album Songs After Dark? And moreover, in this age of iTunes and MP3 files, who still listens to music on cassette? I haven't even handled a cassette tape in years, so the arrival of Judy reminded me that the obsolete medium actually has a rather pleasing tactile quality--slightly smaller than most cell phones, slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes, more convenient to carry around than a CD. (Not that many use those today, either.) Still, what's up with Judy? What's her retro secret? The answer after the jump...

Ah-ha! The answer is that it isn't a cassette tape after all, but a cleverly concealed flash drive! (See the USB connector that slides out of the top left corner?) It contains various files and photos to publicize the new movie adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel Never Let Me Go. Very clever. And it suggests how you could disguise valuables--keys, money, even a cell phone?--when left in your car: Just place them in an old cassette tape case. No one would ever think to steal it.
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