Beatallica Is Bringing Its Beatles + Metallica Mashups to Seattle Nov. 20

When was the last time you laughed at a rock show?

If it's been a while I recommend marking your calendars for Nov. 20 because that's when Beatallica will be performing at the Tractor Tavern. The group will also be performing a free in-store set at Silver Platters' Queen Anne location at 2:30 p.m. that same day.

The band, which features Jaymz Lennfield, Grg Hammetson, Kliff McBurtney and Ringo Larz, masterfully fuses together the musical honey and vinegar of Metallica and the Beatles. The songs typically contain original lyrics and their titles are often hilarious. "Blackened the USSR," "I Saw Her Thrashing There" and "Leper Madonna" are some choice examples of the humor.Check out the above video for "Fuel on the Hill" for a chuckle because it is as awful as it is awesome.

Sure mashups are so 2004 and typically aren't all that enjoyable unless it's something created by Dangermouse or Z-Trip, but Betallica does it really, really well. So well in fact that they've been endorsed by Metallica. Even Lars Ulrich, the biggest douchebag in rock, enjoys their music. In 2005 Ulrich offered the assistance of Metallica's attorneys when Sony, which owns the rights to the Beatles catalog, threated to sue Beattlica for copyright infringement.

Tickets for the Tractor show cost $10 advance and $13 at the door. Opening for Beattalica is Stay Tuned, another gimmick band. This time the gimmick involves performing classic TV theme songs as rock songs.

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