A Funny Thing About Spin Featuring Champagne Champagne's Set at CMJ 2010: They're Not Playing CMJ

Steven Dewall
Yesterday I posted this item, about local boys Champagne Champagne being called out in SPIN's recent list of the 30 Best New Artists From This Year's CMJ Fest.

Here's the funny thing -- Champagne isn't playing this year's CMJ Fest.

Last night, Thomas Gray, Pearl Dragon, and Mark Gajadhar all confirmed to me that the SPIN article was the first they heard about their so-called appearance at CMJ -- because it isn't happening. (They did play last year's CMJ Fest, and Lucy Liu came and watched their set!)

So, not only is Champagne Champagne the only Seattle artist to make SPIN's list of Best CMJ Artists, they're also the only artist not playing CMJ to make SPIN's list of Best CMJ Artists.

If you ask me, that's quite an accomplishment.

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