Whalebones 2.0 Continues: REVERB on Oct 9; New Album Should Drop In Time For Spring

This isn't the first time that the dusty psch-rockers--guitarist/vocalist Justin Deary, bassist Bradford Button, and drummer Faustine Hudson--have promised a new record by spring,but it sounds like they're ready to make good this time. Says drummer Faustine Hudson:

"It just so happens we are in the beginning phases of mixing the new record. It is going to take your tequila-sippin' self and make ya wanna shake ur arse. Our "wintering" consists of finishing it up and then releasing it in late winter, early spring!"

This is one we're all looking forward to. Fingers crossed.

Expect the band to throw down plenty of material from the new record -- which, hopefully, is a lot like what they've been spraying around town these last few months -- when they play SW's REVERB Festival on Saturday, Oct. 9.

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