Watch Built to Spill's Nostalgic Video for "Hindsight," Featuring Old People Dancing

Built To Spill's just released a new video for the sloping, nostalgic jingle "Hindsight," off their most recent release, last year's There Is No Enemy. In the clip, the band plays for a banquet party of senior citizens, including one devious old codger who spikes the punch and another one who gets to dance with the foxiest lady in the room. The clip was directed by actor/director/writer/producer/David Cross BFF Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development); of this video he says:

The song, "Hindsight" from their latest album is a beauty. Sweet, sad, cool...another really affecting song from one of the best songwriters alive.
Click here to read more of Odenkirk's breakdown of the clip.

Built To Spill will be headlining the Showbox at the Market on November 19 and 20.

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