Today's Paper: From Hounds of the Wild Hunt to The Courage, the Pastors Wives to the Casino Circuit: Things Ain't What They Used to Be

Laura Musselman
It's another misty Wednesday morning, which means if your copy of our new issue got damp on your way in to work, you'll want to wander over here to read all the music bits. Here's what we've got for ya this week:

-- Formerly the Whore Moans, Hounds of the Wild Hunt are drawing blood and taking names.

-- Formerly a Noah Gunderen solo project, The Courage have emerged from a barn in Sisters, Oregon.

-- Formerly the last resort for aging rockers and has-been comics, the casino circuit's attracting a new batch of acts with their fat paychecks and veggie buffets.

-- Wet and Rusting: Menomena and Drew Grow don't fit under any established musical umbrellas. Yes, they're two rare bands who really are unclassifiable.

-- Grape Me: The National's Matt Berninger explains why vino is so crucial to the band's creative process.

-- The Short List: Recommended and notable shows from Shone Knife and The Smashing Pumpkins to Titus Andronicus and Ratatat.

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