The Top 7 Records I Didn't Buy at Jive Time Today

Had another bonanza day at Jive Time Records today -- in between the main store and the annex in the Fremont Vintage Mall, I scored Kinda Kinks, Nilsson Schmilsson, Yves Montand, Physical Graffiti, Billy Paul, Venus and Mars, and about 10 more LPs. All gems, but sometimes it's more interesting to see what I passed on than what I picked up. Behold: the Top 7 Records I Didn't Buy at Jive Time Today:


Bruce Willis, The Return of Bruno: Includes a version of "Under the Boardwalk."


So You Want to Be a Bellydancer: Not yet considering a career change, will have to pick this up when that time comes.


Spring of Joy, I Love Jesus (or I Love Jesus, Spring of Joy): Either way, no.


Marty Robbins, Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs: Guns + neon pink = badass. Should have gotten this one.


The Top Gun soundtrack: To want to own the Top Gun soundtrack on vinyl, you have to be a hardcore Tom Cruise and/or Berlin fan. In which case this is an essential.


BABY, ???: I don't know.


David Hasselhoff, Night Rocker: Oh, David Hasselhoff, you were before my time, and I thank God for that. You look ridiculous. Also, I know you can't play that guitar.

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