Top 7 Reasons to Walk out of a Bob Dylan Show

As expressed by Reverb readers in response to Bob Dylan's life-affirming set at Bumbershoot, that is. It should be noted that Reverb does not endorse these reasons. We'd rather be lobotomized than leave a Dylan show early. But if you're going to walk out of a Dylan show, here's why you would:

1. He performs different arrangements of his songs than heard on record. "It took two and a half verses for me to realize he was "singing" one of my favorite Dylan songs, 'Tangled up in Blue.' Dylan destroyed his old songs. I, like many others, walked out very disappointed after a few songs. I saw Bob Dylan live in 1966 just after he went electric. I'll remember that show, and try to forget this one." -- Davod

2. He talks the lyrics. "I knew that Dylan never had a very good singing voice but he wrote beautiful songs with wonderful lyrics. We were on the floor and because he "talked" the lyrics and his voice was coarse and raspy, we couldn't even understand what he was saying most of the time!" -- JDD

3. You're not a true Dylan fan. "I'm convinced there are 3 different kinds of people. 1) People who admit they don't like Dylan 2) people who don't like Dylan but pretend they do because they think liking him is cool, and 3) real fans." -- Tony

4. He sucks at harmonica. "Dylan is an awful harmonca player, always has been, and , it seems, always will." -- Ted Burke

5. He's dull. "it was the very example of going through the motions. He wasn't terrible, of course - he's still Bob Dylan! - just uninspired and predictable. I guess now I can say I've seen the legend, but I'm really glad I didn't pay more for the ticket," -- Vancouver She.

6. His voice is drowned out by the band. "The overall sound level was so high I had to stuff my ears with tissue to avoid pain. I have virtually every Dylan CD ever released, and have been a fan for 40+ years. Last night was a complete rip-off. An artist of Dylan's caliber should be able to afford competent sound technicians." -- Frank Denman

7. Dylan's just in it for the money. "Dylan gathered a paycheck with little regard for presenting the music as his audience remembers it, and the faithful kissed his ring and gave him fresh roses. It's a sad thing that Dylan has become a professional celebrity. He has become a bore, and it's painful to read reviewers who insist that he hasn't." -- Ted Burke

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