Seattle's Own Redwood Plan Tapped to Open For the Corin Tucker Band on October 8

Photo by Alex Crick
Redwood Plan leader Lesli Wood is having a pretty good Wednesday; her band was just confirmed as local support for the upcoming Corin Tucker Band show at the Showbox at the Market (Portland-based band the Golden Bears are also on the bill). This is the Seattle debut of the former Sleater-Kinney frontwoman and a pretty dreamy opportunity for an artist like Wood, who was so highly influenced by S-K.

"I had my mind blown when I first saw Sleater-Kinney play in a living room in Detroit when I was barely 20 years old," said Wood when I spoke with her this morning. To get the chance to share the stage with any member of that band is one of the reasons I moved to Seattle years ago."

Congrats to Redwood Plan...You can learn more about Tucker's new project and pick up your tickets for the show over here.

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