Readers! Which REVERB Band Should Represent This Year's Festival Class at the Iceland Airwaves Festival?

SW and KEXP are linking arms with the folks at the Icelandair to send one of the bands performing at SW's REVERB Local Music Festival (Oct. 9!!!) to Iceland for an all-expenses-paid trip to play the Iceland Airwaves festival. Here's how it works:

1. Cruise over to the REVERB Festival site and check out the bands playing (Whalebones, Roy Kay, Kinski, etc.)

2. Vote for one to go to to Iceland to play the Iceland Airwaves Festival.

3. The band with the most votes get a trip to Iceland and a slot at the festival (Oct. 14 to 18).

Yes, in case it's not clear, the band with the most votes gets a FREE TRIP TO ICELAND!!!

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