Raise Your Hand If You Just Can't Find Any New Music to Listen To. That's What I Thought

Despite their name, the New Pornographer are not new and they are not pornographers.
It seems like every week, a new product is launching -- or an old soldier launches a discovery component -- to help users discover new music. Am I the only person who hasn't needed help discovering new music in over a decade? Do people actually sit around thinking, "Damn, if only I had some new music to listen to. I just can't find any!" I don't think so.

OK, yes, I sit in a desk that is fed dozens of CDs and countless emails from band reps a week. And yes, even I get sick of EVERYTHING in my iTunes from time to time. But even I find new things -- from print and online publications to my brother's collection of cassettes -- that I had never picked up before. The last thing I need is another way to discover new music. You can't turn around without finding a new way to consume music or a to see a poster with a band name you've never heard of. How hard is it to turn on the radio, pick up a paper, surf the web, or ASK SOMEONE WHAT THEY'RE LISTENING TO!?!?

So, what's with the commercial obsession with finding more ways for us to discover new music? Rhapsody, iTunes, Ping, Mog, Pandora, they all offer new music components--some more effective than others--but new "services" keep popping up almost daily. Have we gone so far down the "discovery" rabbit hole that we need to discovering new ways to discover new music, too?

Happy Thursday.

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