One Loaded Summer

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Well, HELL! First off, I must admit that I thought the column that my daughter Grace and I wrote together last week was only going to meet perhaps a polite response. Was I ever wrong! It gives weight to the suspicion I've had that the columns I have written about family are really the most widely read and commented on. It's like you all are saying "Yeah, great GNR story, Duff, but get back to some more of that all-girl household/dorky-dad/Buckley-the-dog stuff!"

They are running the "Grace column" in print this week for you locals. Grace is now running around the house convinced she is going to be the next Anne Rice or something. Whatever, Grace . . . !

This summer was really quite excellent all the way around--if only for the simple fact that I got to be home in Seattle for most of it. No real touring, and therefore I was with all my women in June, July, and August. I am indeed ready for football season to start, though.

Not that it was all-girls-all-the-time this summer. No, the most excellent Loaded was back at it making a record. Famed producer Terry Date (Soundgarden, Pantera, Deftones, Prong, Screaming Trees, just to name a very few) came in to the Loaded fold somehow just before we were to start this record and offered his assistance in a producer role. Yeah, when Terry Date wants to do your record, you run and not walk straight to that man.

Actually, who could blame Terry? We are all pretty smokin' hot dudes, and our collective wit and charm has yet to be matched anywhere west of the Mississippi. Truth be told, though, Mr. Date is probably still scrubbing himself in the shower a whole week now after we have finished, in an attempt to get our off-color humorist hue out of his skin.

For those of you who follow the band, you will also know that having Terry produce this new record is a departure from Martin Feveyear, the producer of the first two Loaded records. Martin is not only our producer, but one of my dearest friends, and I can probably speak for the other fellas in the band when I state that this was a very tough decision for us. Martin totally understood and told us to make a great record. I love you, pal.

In a summer filled with girls and pink fluffy "cute" stuff, it was an equalizing pot of gold to get in a studio with "the fellas." Terry Date has ESPN and Mariners games playing silently on the TV screen in the studio at all times. If no games are on, he will change it up to the Discovery show with that dude who catches all the strangest fish he can find all over the world. Man stuff for sure!

The odors that start to happen when it is just dudes hanging in the same room for 12 hours at a time can be quite stunning, to be sure. It's weird. The smells--as I have noted--are almost always preceded by a sharp and quick muffled noise. I wonder what that is all about. Studio X smells JUST like our tour bus. Strange.

And the humor. Uh. WOW. For those of you who may know me on a personal level or have come to a Loaded show, you know that I like to tell jokes. Some of you may even think my jokes are dumb and crass. No. The jokes that I tell in public are simply the cream of the crop of what I prune from long studio sessions and such. If you think MY jokes are dumb . . .

We hope to find Loaded a label home that will do our record a bit more justice this time around. There is not a group of guys anywhere who deserve more reciprocation from a like-minded, hard-working record company. But THAT is another story!

Yes. It is time now to start routing a tour for next spring and summer, and to get back on some of those awesome festivals that were so good to us last tour. The story of Loaded is set to continue. Gauging from this excellent summer with my bandmates, the story will include a huge dose of our wackiness and humor. Thank God!

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