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Sometimes things just get stuck


OK, Let's All Chip In on This One

Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. He writes about what music is circulating through his space every Monday.
Sometimes things just get stuck in my craw and I just can't shake them. Sometimes these things can be good and funny, like the fact that my daughters think I am just SO embarrassing these days. But other times, the things that get me pissed off and keep me there are when foolish and thoughtless crime puts the innocent in danger or leaves them with nothing.

Last Christmas, I wrote a piece in the Weekly on the Ronald McDonald House here in Seattle by Children's Hospital. The RMH is a place of last resort for families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment and have no place to stay in the Seattle area. For all of the wonderful work and service that RMH provides, it is still not a place you want to be . . . needless to say.

The Ronald McDonald House is just a few short blocks from my house. Over the last 15 years, I have met some of these parents, and have felt first-hand the sheer tragedy that overtakes a family who has sold everything and is in debt to the hilt for the sake of medical co-pays and the like.

I saw a segment last Thursday night on KING 5-TV that shook me to the core.

The segment is about Jeremy and Karen Hartle and their 3-year-old son, John. They are a Montana family here in Seattle at the Ronald McDonald House while the boy gets cancer treatment. John has stage-4 neuroblastoma which has metastasized to every bone in his body.

Last Thursday night, on top of everything else, the Hartle family truck was stolen from right outside of the RMH. Their 2002 Ford F250 had been their lifeline.

From the KING 5 article:

"Who does that?" says Jeremy. "Who steals a car right in front of a place like this?"

"I'm 7 months pregnant and we had a lot of material things for the baby in the truck," says Karen.

On top of this, this truck contained medical equipment for the care of John, Jeremy's work tools for his masonry business back in Montana, and new stuff for the pending little baby. All of this stuff was in the truck because there is just no room left in the apartment provided by RMH.

This truck provides the only transportation for this couple to get back and forth to Kalispell to see their two other children.

So that was it. If you are at all like me, you are at this moment looking around for information on how to help the Hartles. Here is what I have found out . . .

There IS a bank account in Kalispell, Montana for the Hartles. It had been set up earlier to donate to the family for the ongoing care of John and the ongoing cost of having a family when you just suddenly have to drop everything and go to Seattle . . . before they knew that some asshole thief was going to steal their truck here.

Mike Bickford at Bickford Ford in Snohomish heard about this story and has absolutely stepped up to the plate. They have contacted the family and have offered to cover almost half of what it would cost to replace this truck.

I know where I am buying MY next car.

I feel that a sense of community can be attained suddenly. There are times when I think this city is just getting too big and mean, and then I hear about something like this, a car dealership and its third-generation owner taking the time to give a hand. Outstanding.

The Hartles DO have insurance, but as we all know, it won't cover the full price of replacement, not to mention the contents of the truck.

So there is room for us to help, and it's not a huge number. It is attainable! I'm not in the practice of asking the readers here to help with a cause financially, but this one is extra-different. This happened in OUR town. These people are on OUR watch. Let's DO this!


Three Rivers Bank

233 E. Idaho

P.O. Box 7250

Kalispell, MT 59904


contact Kay Ross


Also, you can contact Bickford Ford directly.

Dan Hudson



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