MySpace Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Band "Web Sites." Please Don't Ruin It

The new, hard way.
People love to make fun of MySpace, and it's not hard to see why they've lost so much ground to Facebook. That said, what the site's done for bands -- and people who follow them -- has been immeasurably positive.

Band web sites, almost without exception, are terrible. 99 percent of the time, all a person wants to do is hear what the band sounds like, find out when they're coming to town, and check up on the latest news. But it's amazing how many barriers bands put up between this information and their fans on their own sites. MySpace fixed that, putting all of the above information on a single page. Bands tried their best to make things harder, by "customizing" pages. But at the end of the day, all the info was right there.

Now things are getting harder. The old template is giving way to a new, more interactive format. Bands, please don't go down that rabbit hole! Let there be at least one place on the internet where fans can easily get all the information they want about you without having rifle through graphics, tabs, and YouTube videos of you playing at your nephew's birthday.

The old, easy way.

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