My Favorite Stone Temple Pilots Memory: A Tour Bus, Merchants, and Bumbershoot 2008

As I've stated many times, many ways, the best thing about a music festival is the ability to catch just a couple songs of a band--be it out of discovery, or curiosity--and not be pinned down for an entire set or price of a ticket. When Stone Temple Pilots played Bumbershoot in 2008, I had no desire to see the entire set, but I was curious to see what transpired, and was amenable to be won over by a blistering set.

Instead, we waited. And waited. And waited. Nealy 30 minutes after the band was supposed to take the stage, a tour bus pulled up to the side of the stage. At this point, I'd seen enough STP for my day, and I proceeded to leave through the media/VIP exit next to the stage.

As I was leaving, I heard the band kick into their hit, "Big Empty." And I a walked through the grounds, behind the stage, a string of merchants who were packing up their wares started to sing along mockingly to Scott Weiland's easily mockable vocals: "Time to take her home, her dizzy head is conscience laden. Time to take a ride. It leaves today. No conversation."

Hot damn, if that wasn't the best rendition of "Big Empty" I'd ever heard.

Stone Temple Pilots play Kent's Showare Center on Wednesday, November 3. Tickets are available for between $25 and $49.50.

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