Music In Today's Paper/Fall Arts Guide: The Moondoggies, La Sera, and Ravenna Woods

Renee McMahon
The Moondoggies, or, at least three of them.
Between this week's music section, and the Fall Arts Guide--you can read them over here--here's a look at the music stuff inside this week's paper:

Fall Arts:

-- The Family Dog: With a new album and world tour on the horizon, the Moondoggies' frontman retreats to Everett.

-- Seven Shows Not to Miss: From La Sera to The Lonely Forest.


-- Little Big Bands: How the Northwest's premier summer festivals reflect the redefinition of "indie."

-- Delaying the Breakdown: Why calling it quits would have been the easy way out for Hot Hot Heat.

-- Through @ 2: Morning Dew in Ravenna Woods: Monkeys, James, Demons and Lakes.

-- An Incomplete History of Notable Paul McCartney Covers and Tributes:

From Cher's "My Love" to Jack White's performance for the First Family.

-- Rocket Queen: New-School Noir: The Dark emerges for Verellen Amplifier Night.

-- The Week's Recommended Shows: From the Scissor Sisters to The Cult.

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