From Ozzy to Black Label, Zakk Wylde's the Man

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I've been in the Zakk Wylde music-appreciation business for a long, long time. From the first time that I became aware of him until now, I have seen that he is one of those ass's to whom music is just as second-nature as walking is to you and I.

His solo work away from Ozzy Osbourne has been as diverse and deep as any artist that I know of. From his first 'solo' record Pride and Glory, to his newest Black Label Society effort, Order of The Black, this dude can flat-out write great rock music...and, of course, play the guitar like a fucking demon possessed.

"Crazy Horse," Black Label Society (Order Of the Black): How every great rock record should start: FULL FUCKING THROTTLE!

"Darkest Days," Black Label Society (Order Of The Black): This is actually the Zakk I like or appreciate best; playing piano and repenting.

"Godspeed Hellbound," Black Label Society (Order Of The Black): How can you not like a song called 'Godspeed Hellbound'?

Just go and get the whole fucking CD. I did.

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