Can You Defend Your Dirty Projectors Love? Win a Pair of Tickets to Their Show on Thursday Night + Expanded Edition of Bitte Orca

Nina Mouritzen
Our astute Paige Richmond recently posited:

Is there any band more polarizing in the current indie rock canon than Dirty Projectors? Is it even possible to be simply indifferent to a band that once made a concept album about Don Henley and another album that recreated Black Flag's Damaged purely from memory? Those who love Dave Longstreth's ambitious, multi-instrumental, description-defying songs really love them: last year's Bitte Orca was on numerous top 10 lists. But to actively, regularly listen to Dirty Projectors is to enjoy music not because it's lovely, soothing or even palatable but because it's "interesting." All that vocal and instrumental layering makes the music more ephemeral and conceptual than tangible and hummable. Are the Dirty Projectors pioneers or noise-making hipsters that take themselves too seriously?
It's a good question, and one that countless indie fans and bloggers have been asking themselves for several years now -- the Projectors really are one of those bands that you either hate or love.

Are you a lover? The Dirty Projecters are going to headline the Showbox at the Market this Thursday. The show's all ages and $26, but we have a pair of free tickets to give away. All you have to do is email me at by tonight at 5pm and tell me what, exactly, about the Dirty Projectors appeals to you.

The winner will get tickets to Thursday night's show as well as the brand-new expanded edition of Bitte Orca. Please include your full name and mailing address.

Good luck!

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