Bumbershoot Review: The Submarines Do It With Daisies

Orrin Anderson for The Submarines

Who: The Submarines

Where: Broad Street Stage

When: 12:30 p.m.

They're the kind of woozy pop band whose female vocalist plays a daisy-lined glockenspiel--but the kind without a string section. The Submarines are irresistibly dancey and perhaps the only band that has made their commentary about the bourgeoisie into a catchy head-bobber that ends in a glockenspiel crash. Something about the sound seems just barely dated, though, and so many of their songs sound similar that it seems to age them even more. It could just be the fact that their sound isn't as busy and noisy as the stuff that populates the college iPod these days, and the daisies will tell you they have absolutely no regrets about it.

Newer songs (including "Tigers" and another seemingly unnamed tune that shows up on an anti-smoking commercial) play more with textures and pleasant dissonance, and that's a direction that's both more interesting and more towards their potential. But I still hope they don't lose the daisies. Somebody's gotta smile in such a smug and sullen indie pop scene.

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