Bumbershoot Review: The Redwood Plan Debuted a Song to a Stiff Crowd

redwood plan.jpg
Who: The Redwood Plan

Where: EMP Sky Church

When: 3:30 p.m.

Now, I know The Redwood Plan dances enough for all of us, but come on Seattle, you're allowed to dance at a dance punk show. No matter how many sweet beats they played, no matter how many high kicks frontwoman Lesli Wood spontaneously thrust, almost all of the folks behind the photo pit insisted on waiting to be impressed until around the fourth song. Maybe it's because this set was so fluid, with even less banter or space between songs than a typical rock show or their own Capitol Hill Block Party set, creating less of a party feel and more of a performance feel on the psychedelic stage of the Sky Church. They even bust out a brand new song for the set, and while it may have been unremarkable from the rest of their stuff so far, the rest of their stuff so far is electric sweat anyway. Where some bands would choose to take their yelpy, defiant bridge into a moshing moment or (these days) sappy jam, they decide to turn it into a bass-bumping house groove instead. I get the impression that Wood is the kind of person who would be chipper after a good session with a punching bag, and they are one of few bands that can pull off a punk rock tambourine.

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