Bumbershoot Review: JEFF The Brotherhood Sing Songs About Your Mom and Dad


Who: JEFF The Brotherhood

When: 1:15

Where: Center Square Stage

One sign of a great band? If their stage show is so much fun, it makes you want to spend the rest of the day kicking back and hanging with them. Nashville's JEFF The Brotherhood have that effect; the duo is two real-life brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall -- Jake has long, dark hair and a mustache, Jamin is a scruffy blond wearing a t-shirt that reads SORRY MOM, I'M SCUM. They look like they're from the deep South, and their brand of rock and roll is rowdy and barnstorming, kind of like a pre-Danger Mouse Black Keys. Jake plays a guttural-sounding guitar that owes its unique sound to the fact that it only has its bottom three strings intact, he also has a howling voice; Jamin plays trashy, thrashy drums; in the background there's a pre-programmed keyboard that sends out shuddering waves of sound over their instruments.

JEFF kicked off their set with "U Got the Look," actually one of the more traditional sounding songs in their catalogue -- most of their songs are about getting fucked up. Sample lyrics -- "Don't kick me out/ I'm too wasted to get up and I can't get up" or, even better, "I've been thinking about your mom/ You can't tell me if it's really wrong... I've been thinking about your dad/ You can't tell me if it's really bad... I've been thinking about your sister/ You can't tell me I shouldn't kiss her." It's heavy, meaty music, and the brothers spent most of the set grinning dopily at each other and generally just having a great time. May the evil conflicting spirits of Noel and Liam Gallagher never touch them.

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