Bumbershoot Review: Born Anchors Are Lacking Profits and Motivation

Chris Kornelis
Who: Born Anchors

When: 2 p.m.

Where: EMP Skychurch

Born Anchors frontman Jason Parker told the crowd at Sky Church that after the show they would be giving away T-shirts and CDs for free because, well, they aren't making any money anyway. As a non-profit, the Capitol Hill ensemble needs a new mission statement - or at least to sharpen their current one.

They played their set of guitar-heavy, '80s-leaning alt-rock with about as much excitement for the music as their quickly-thinning crowed. On songs like "Cascading Waters," it was often near impossible to see through the apathy to differentiate between verse, chorus, and bridge. And throughout the whole set, the temperament and texture of band and songs remaining consistently neutral.

It wasn't until the band stopped playing and EMP piped in Fleet Foxes' "Ragged Wood" that the crowd got a bit animated. They even sang along.

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