Album Review: Chromeo's Business Casual Is a Slick and Sexy Good Time

Artist: Chromeo

Album: Business Casual

Label: Atlantic

Release date: September 14

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Stream

Download: "Night By Night"

On first listen, Chromeo's third album (and major-label debut) is pure, sugary joy. "Hot Mess" has P-Thugg and Dave 1 throwing down with the sexy voice of a British woman who sternly says, "You act like you've got nothing to lose/ But I've already lost my temper." The duo counters back and it turns into a wild, sloppy song, rife with talkbox and Dave 1 randomly shouting, "what??" like he's been caught in the act of something naughty. "Night By Night" is the album's standout track (and also its first single). It's forcefully infectious and has an electric guitar solo that sounds so 80s it hurts. It's also all too relatable to anyone, male or female, who's been in a typical romantic relationship -- via vocoder, P-Thugg delivers the chorus of "She says I'm not romantic/ I say she's too dramatic."

"You Make It Rough" and "Don't Turn the Lights On" are both impossibly slick and polished, basically made for the dancefloor. But after that, things start to peter out a bit. Solange Knowles' guest vocals are unremarkable on the flat "When the Night Falls." "The Right Type," with its bursts of synth and rah-rah chorus could be the opening credits to a John Hughes film. But I say at this point, just start the record over. It's not introducing anything novel or groundbreaking to the world of electro-pop, but for the most part it's effervescent and a whole lot of fun. Sometimes that's all you can ask for from a record.

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