9 Things I Learned--About Courtney, Born Anchors, Pink Unicorns, and More--At Bumbershoot 2010

Laura Musselman
Holed played the Bumbershoot Mainstage on Sunday evening.
1. Pink unicorns on sticks have better taste than you think. I was skeptical when he showed up at Atlas Sound, and not moved when he appeared at Neko Case. But that guy was right down front for Mary J. Blige. Solid.

2. Born Anchors have a new mission statement: "FUCK YOU Seattle Weekly Music writers."

3. The economy ticket ($22 advance) did not bring the buskers back. When tickets were $10, the festival ground were crawling with buskers on every corner, from magicians to jazz trios. You couldn't turn around without running into a crowd enthrawled in someone's comic routine. Today, you're lucky to find a couple.

4. The 70-something-year-old man with rose-colored glasses, rocking out during the Decemberists almost changed my mind about the band. Almost.

5. Neko Case should hire Feral Children to be her backing band. It's just what she needs to wake things up a bit.

6. Watching Horse Feathers made me appreciate Fleet Foxes a little bit more. HF's Justin Ringle sounds a lot like Ray Lamontagne, but without the faux soul.

7. Overheard in the crowd: "Let's be a community." I admit, I learned nothing here.

8. Courtney Love can kick ass when she wants to.

9. Mary J. Blige's horn section is so hot they didn't even have to show up to be heard.

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