Yesterday I asked you all to defend your Dirty Projectors love in an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to tonight's show. Kenneth C.


5+ Reasons Why the Dirty Projectors Are Worth Your Time, As Told By Reverb Readers

Yesterday I asked you all to defend your Dirty Projectors love in an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to tonight's show. Kenneth C. was the winner of the random drawing (congrats!), and here's what he and the rest of you said in defense of this strange little band:

"I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with my ears. I definitely understand what you're saying about how 'to actively, regularly listen to Dirty Projectors is to enjoy music not because it's lovely, soothing or even palatable but because it's interesting,' but I still find their music absolutely beautiful. I completely love each singers' voice and their music (particularly on the last record) is the perfect blend of avant-garde guitar work/DIY production and R&B's vocals, movability, and swagger. I love DP because they make me dance embarrassingly but I'm too happy to care all while my intellect is being intrigued."

"I think that the DP are sexy and have an amazingly beautiful sound using their voices as instruments." -- Donna P.

"The short answer is that Dave Longstreth is about the most creative/interesting/dynamic/unpredictable/innovative composer + frontman under 30 years old in the United States. He is one of, if not the, finest young musicians of his generation, and his band is top notch, taboot.

The long answer is chronicled at my sleepy little music blog, a link to which can be found here: http://musicaceae.blogspot.com/2010/06/we-live-on-mountain.html, if you're curious to read." -- Graham G.

"Nothing to defend. If you hear them live you will be transported to somewhere between an African village and a Captain Beefheart show in 1969, and you will forget to even wonder if they are poseurs or pioneers." -- Carol P.

And finally, here's what the exuberant Ryan S. had to tell me. Brace yourselves for this one:


1. INDIE CRED. As we all know, it's not really the music that you make that matters, but rather that people take your music as an identity for their thinly-constructed personas...aka WHAT DO HIPSTERS THINK? Dirty Projectors = the most credible indie band in the history of indie or credibility. Look at their album cover! Oh, what's that you say? You don't get it? Of course you don't MOM. You never understood what I liked!

2. MUSICIANSHIP. Now this is no joke, those guys and gals can play. Every single member of that band is a sick musician, and Dave Longstreth is a fantastic composer. Yes, I said composer. Not "songwriter", because Dave (not THAT Dave, you know, the one who plays for frothy bros at the Gorge every year and every year it's just "amazing!!!!!!! lol") writes crazy shit and then puts pop shit all over the shit he just shit. He even can say snobby things like "the human voice is my favorite instrument" because guess what idiot? Dave Longstreth went to motherfucking YALE son! Dave Longstreth went to Yale, your argument is invalid.


1. Amber Coffman

2. Angel Deradoorian

3. Haley Dekle

OK you have three sexy as hell girls who can sing and play instruments (well), that is about as sexy as sexy gets. Plus, Dave Longstreth! I'm a hetero male, but I'd go gay for that dude. Just look at those eyes!

4. THEY'RE SICK AND YOU KNOW IT. The Dirty Projectors may be polarizing, but that's because the people that don't like them are idiots and a good argument for population control. Bitte Orca is a fantastic album, and if you don't like it why don't you just go stick your head in a blender."

So there.

Based on rabid enthusiasm alone, this guy would have won, but the drawing was random, and that's that. Have fun, Ken!

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